Euromed exchanges as a new arena of learning: a retrospective analysis

International seminar in Calabria

in partnership with:

  • Association Kameh pour le developement (Liban)
  • Association Tch (Tunisie)
  • Cultural Forum Society (Palestinian Authority of the West Bank and Gaza Strip)
  • Observatoire marocain pour la paix sociale (Moroc)
  • Club Etoile Ain Taya (Algeria)
  • Plate Forme Jeunesse (Belgique)
  • Quartiers dans le monde (France)
  • Kyte Factory (Malta)
  • Centro Social de Ermesinde (Portugal)

In the past twenty years, numerous ngos and youth organizations have been actively engaged in promoting the Euro-Mediterranean partnership through the achievements of intercultural youth exchanges envisioned as a new arena of learning. Thousands of young participants have benefited from these successful tools for personal growth and development, which are considered important for their civic education. Years later a multilateral seminar promoted by ngos of 10 different euromediterranean countries (Italy, France, Malta, Portugal, Belgium, Algeria, Maroc, Lebanon, Tunisia, Palestinian Authority of the West Bank and Gaza Strip) aim to promote a retrospective analysis on the impact of the personal development of the participants at the euromediterranean exchanges, comparing and enhancing positive stories collected in different local communities.

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Associazione Civitas Solis