Over twenty-five years of experience in the field of non formal education and intercultural exchange

A social and vocational training organisation founded under notarial act in September 1988, Civitas Solis has been working for over twenty-five years in non-formal education, intercultural exchange and international cooperation. In collaboration with the European Commission, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, the National Youth Agency and other international organisations, it has implemented a number of innovative cultural and educational projects in all the Mediterranean area.

Officially registered by Legislative Decree 7 February 2003, no. 856 in the Register of Associations, Cultural Foundations and Institutes of Calabria as referred to in Article 6 of Regional Law no. 16/85, Civitas Solis has coordinated numerous international projects in youth exchange, non-formal education, youth creativity promotion and education to legality.

Benefiting from the support of technical trainers and socio-cultural activity coordinators with international experience, Civitas Solis has led pilot initiatives in the Locri area as well as Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon and Romania. Thousands of people have been involved in the intercultural exchanges and training activities promoted by the organisation through partnership with various European and Mediterranean social charities and non-profit organisations.

Hundreds of disadvantaged young people from the Locri area have also taken part in social action initiatives held abroad in the field of international solidarity and cooperation. A third class accredited agency of the National Voluntary Service (code: NZ 02788), Civitas Solis runs various offices in the Locri area that serve as resource centres for the promotion of youth policies and community voluntary service. The organisation also promotes the Third Sector Forum of the Locri area, a local department of the National Third Sector Forum. The organisation is made up of a group of 14 employees in its offices, in addition to a number of associate volunteers.

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Associazione Civitas Solis

Associazione Civitas Solis